Sunday, July 5, 2009

rakhi ka swayamwar- what the heck yaar

How appropriate is it to right about this? not at all. But there is a gripping disgust, that is its gripping and you cannot stop disgusting of whats being shot and whats shown. definitely the trp is amazingly going high. there are people who love it, as its a perfect entertainment. some people believe in it, some people like us watch it sometimes and disgust it and get some pj's out to lighten ourself and somewhere show are high intellect.(the people who have started this show and who are working with whatever intentions do have intellect, though not the people in it.)and some do not watch it at all except for some glimpse.
But what the heck. What kind of mind set these people are setting. it scares me(without disgust or anger), that all these shows watched by our adults and kids at home see the shows, which has nothing to do with 21st century and how things are preceding. but more degradingly showing supression of women. Man domination or male dumbness. women being villans and always wearing sarees or getting chucked around like may be our grandmothers can relate to, more than us.
The best men in the crowd always have affairs and not the villian actually. the girl is always afraid to speak to her fiance', there is always one lady in the house who hates everybody in the house, including her husband if that is needed for trp.and if nothing works a swayamwar, comparing rakhi to sita or draupadi. where in one episode she justifies of not drinking or smoking and in other she is dancing with bunch of PATI's that have come to marry her with a glass of wine in her hand.
and still there is something left, there are shows which degrade individuals and now kids and chuck them out, without thinking of the mental stress and pyschological affect it may have on them.may be it is good, as it has gone forward from sunday duck tales and chitrahar and bomkesh bakshi. But what the heck yaar!!!!!!will not start over the news channels for now.

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