Saturday, July 18, 2009


Light seeps in through the small cut out holes creating an image of a city by night. The cut-outs represent the light in the windows of apartment buildings and office complexes in the city. The images represent a selection of cities that Elina has traveled to in the last few years and the photographs are by her. The chosen views are of contrasting cityscapes: skyscrapers in Tokyo, 60s modernism in Helsinki and 19th century architecture in Paris. The new Better View Blind with a Berlin View will be launched in October at the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. Elina Aalto is a young designer living and working in Helsinki. In 2006, Elina's giant outdoor oriental carpet in Arabianranta, Helsinki was awarded the prize of the Best Environmental Art Work of the Year. Elina is also one of the three founding members of IMU, Finland's self-appointed National Design Team representing young Finnish and Helsinki-based designers.
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