Friday, October 31, 2008

about couples

It was a coincidence that i had come to our family doctors clininc the other day. it was after a long time that i visited the place. It was an often visited place during school time for good(school holiday) and bad(pills and injections)reasons. These days the our family doctor mostly works in academics and research. He has known us for many years and so general conversation was happening about families and how trends are changing. Then it was about how its difficult to find a good matchthese days. That is how we came to know he's working on this research, showing how couples from last generation are reacting on their relationship.

He said usually we feel that couples are either fine with their partner, or have adjusted with them or have grown to like them invariably. Well it was anything but that in most cases. He explained, in most of the cases it was women who regreted being the person they have married. And some cases they were men. The regret was seen in many areas. Some were not happy with the kind of character their partner had, some with their nature and were frustated living together. A lot cases had common complains. He changed after marriage. hes not the same, he/she cared more before. Some gave complains like they were cheated. They were kept in dark about lot of aspects of their partners life or lied on. Or further more they cheated in relationship(which is getting more common then reality shows nowadays).

He obviously could'nt go through this whole presentation. But he concluded that its not that last generation people have excepted and lived with whoever they got married with. They have actually lived with the regret, frustation and pain. I would'nt say it applies to everybody, but definitely to large group of people.

We may always try to find one way or other to have "a kind of perfect" relationship, but what comes out is there is no sure shot solution or remedy. One can't comment on what'll work, arrange marriage or love marriage. At the end of the day what is it? What can keep you going and keep you happy importantly?

I say it is just about tolerating each other. the question is how much can you tolerate the other person? Enough to spend, no i'll correct myself, Tolerate enough to live your life with the chosen one(that is if there is a chosen one). Yeah! Thats how your brain may analyse. Will you be able to Tolerate this person for a lifetime?

Monday, October 27, 2008

I live in the clouds


Diwali wishes

Happiness is within us and Prosperity comes with happiness.
So just be happy and enjoy Diwali with family and friends.
Happy New Year

Monday, October 20, 2008


coming soon...:)

still curious..............

kyun..... rious(hathoda no. 1)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

inspiration and etc..

i fall back again and again for a kick in the brain.. ... what i'm missing and what i want......
Geoffrey Bawa -
Richardo Legorreta -
Laurie Baker -
Steven Holl -
Tadao Ando -
Charles Correa -


CHeck some creative ads by harley.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


you are throne and palace and king
you are bird and snare and fowler
like water in jar and river
are in essence the same
you and spirit are the same
This is too public to write something of my the best way to express is through the best. yeah i know hard to get

loving it each day more

the more i see it, the more i love it.
the more i hear of it, i know i'm falling for it.
These words should probably be for a lover,
but its for Apple inc...da... its mac all the way.

yeah the more i see the precision, the details, the presentation, the technology it seems to be more of the sought to have. Sure its something a tech savy may want to put its hands on, only when to relax and not for its creative work. But what it has done to the culture of mankind is phenomenon.
A lot of things probably has changed the culture. Windows, Concrete, gypsum blocks, robots, a chip, my laptop, blog, tide washing powder, mineral water, coffee, and many more which i'll list in another post.
But whats special about apple products is the feel which may be a king has when he sees this amazing flower, which he wants for his favourite queen. he knows its the only one in the world an
d its like, prestige, want,etc. mixed emotion to have it..... so thats mac aka apple for now.
(hahahahahahaha..courtesy:spice girls)
if you wanna be my lover, you've got to look at this,
and this,
and this,

cleopatra stratan

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

rural school- an illustration

an illustration for article, "Giving rural schools the attention they deserve".

The book

want to fly

i loved the way the theatre, film students of berkeley were exploring their ways in expressing the visual art.made me want to fly.. though i do.. but urge to take it forward with a different expression is whats needed.


Berkeley/Landscape, Harvard/Design school, Royal college of Art

The Dieline
amazing packaging design website

book binding

A Beautiful Revolution

came across this "like a lot" website a creative way to say things

The Top 10 Things They Never Taught Me in Design School

The Top 10 Things They Never Taught Me in Design School

by Michael McDonough

1. Talent is one-third of the success equation.
Talent is important in any profession, but it is no guarantee of success.
Hard work and luck are equally important. Hard work means self-discipline
and sacrifice. Luck means, among other things, access to power, whether it
is social contacts or money or timing. In fact, if you are not very
talented, you can still succeed by emphasizing the other two. If you think I
am wrong, just look around.

2. 95 percent of any creative profession is shit work.
Only 5 percent is actually, in some simplistic way, fun. In school that is
what you focus on; it is 100 percent fun. Tick-tock. In real life, most of
the time there is paper work, drafting boring stuff, fact-checking,
negotiating, selling, collecting money, paying taxes, and so forth. If you
don't learn to love the boring, aggravating, and stupid parts of your
profession and perform them with diligence and care, you will never succeed.

3. If everything is equally important, then nothing is very important.
You hear a lot about details, from "Don't sweat the details" to "God is in
the details." Both are true, but with a very important explanation:
hierarchy. You must decide what is important, and then attend to it first
and foremost. Everything is important, yes. But not everything is equally
important. A very successful real estate person taught me this. He told me,
"Watch *King Rat*. You'll get it."

4. Don't over-think a problem.
One time when I was in graduate school, the late, great Steven Izenour said
to me, after only a week or so into a ten-week problem, "OK, you solved it.
Now draw it up." Every other critic I ever had always tried to complicate
and prolong a problem when, in fact, it had already been solved. Designers
are obsessive by nature. This was a revelation. Sometimes you just hit it.
The thing is done. Move on.

5. Start with what you know; then remove the unknowns.
In design this means "draw what you know." Start by putting down what you
already know and already understand. If you are designing a chair, for
example, you know that humans are of predictable height. The seat height,
the angle of repose, and the loading requirements can at least be
approximated. So draw them. Most students panic when faced with something
they do not know and cannot control. Forget about it. Begin at the
beginning. Then work on each unknown, solving and removing them one at a
time. It is the most important rule of design. In Zen it is expressed as "Be
where you are." It works.

6. Don't forget your goal.
Definition of a fanatic: Someone who redoubles his effort after forgetting
his goal. Students and young designers often approach a problem with insight
and brilliance, and subsequently let it slip away in confusion, fear and
wasted effort. They forget their goals, and make up new ones as they go
along. Original thought is a kind of gift from the gods. Artists know this.
"Hold the moment," they say. "Honor it." Get your idea down on a slip of
paper and tape it up in front of you.

7. When you throw your weight around, you usually fall off balance.
Overconfidence is as bad as no confidence. Be humble in approaching
problems. Realize and accept your ignorance, then work diligently to educate
yourself out of it. Ask questions. Power - the power to create things and
impose them on the world - is a privilege. Do not abuse it, do not
underestimate its difficulty, or it will come around and bite you on the
ass. The great Karmic wheel, however slowly, turns.

8. The road to hell is paved with good intentions; or, no good deed goes
The world is not set up to facilitate the best any more than it is set up to
facilitate the worst. It doesn't depend on brilliance or innovation because
if it did, the system would be unpredictable. It requires averages and
predictables. So, good deeds and brilliant ideas go against the grain of the
social contract almost by definition. They will be challenged and will
require enormous effort to succeed. Most fail. Expect to work hard, expect
to fail a few times, and expect to be rejected. Our work is like martial
arts or military strategy: Never underestimate your opponent. If you believe
in excellence, your opponent will pretty much be everything.

9. It all comes down to output.
No matter how cool your computer rendering is, no matter how brilliant your
essay is, no matter how fabulous your whatever is, if you can't output it,
distribute it, and make it known, it basically doesn't exist. Orient
yourself to output. Schedule output. Output, output, output. Show Me The

10. The rest of the world counts.
If you hope to accomplish anything, you will inevitably need all of the
people you hated in high school. I once attended a very prestigious design
school where the idea was "If you are here, you are so important, the rest
of the world doesn't count." Not a single person from that school that I
know of has ever been really successful outside of school. In fact, most are
the kind of mid-level management drones and hacks they so despised as
students. A suit does not make you a genius. No matter how good your design
is, somebody has to construct or manufacture it. Somebody has to insure it.
Somebody has to buy it. Respect those people. You need them. Big time.


रहिमन धागा प्रेम का, मत तोड़ो चटकाय
टूट से फिर ना जुडे, जुडे गाँठ पद जाये

Don't allow the delicate thread of love (between individuals) to snap. Once it snaps, it cannot be rejoined and if you do rejoin it, there is a knot in it.