Sunday, July 5, 2009

accident prone ahmedabad

hey kirti,
remember college. its usually me who is standing and people sitting behind me are on road. well i can right one thing about ahmedabd traffic is they'll hit you, smile or best part is laugh and go away smiling without waiting and asking are you hurt. "i hit you with my bike while you were standing on the curb" thats normal right. i love this though.
other cities people may run away or start slangs otherwise on you. but in ahmedabad, they'll smile and leave. rightly thinking in their heads,"come on you are adults, you can take care of yourself. you can go to a hospital. thats just some scratch and blood", as would Joey say in FRIENDS.
Did i mention, once a scooter driver, came right into the rickshaw we were in. then took the hood of his scooter out from the rickshaw and started driving without saying a word.

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