Thursday, December 22, 2011

Life's work 2011

how leading a band is like running a company. "You have to know what all your people can do. The ones who need to be challenged, you give them challenges. The ones who need to be carried, you carry them. The ones you need to let go, you let them go. A leader has got to have a certain kindness but a certain meanness, too."
----Wynton Marsalis

how technology has influenced his work. "As a practice, we've always recognized the value of new technologies—whether it's rapid prototyping or digital modeling—but it's important to remember that the computer is just another tool, like the pencil. Technology is a means, not an end. The ends are social and always have been."
----Norman Foster

Friday, December 16, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

BIG architects

The proposal created by danish firm BIG architects is one of three shortlisted submissions for the st. petersburg pier international design competition. the masterplan will organize and harmonize a variety of individual events along a network of paths, merging to form the iconic pier structure which will gradually flow into the waters of tampa bay. the branching pattern will collectively form the 'tributary park' containing native plantings of diverse color schemes. the gardens will highlight the programmatic sectors of the park including the museum, observation deck, playgrounds and natural forested areas.

bustling activity will be channeled towards the 'wave walk' which undulates to dip and rise from the water, framing a swimming pool and small holding area for kayaks, canoes and small scale boats. similar to the waves of the ocean, the increasing momentum generated by the volumes of people circulating onto the pier culminates by looping the promenade overhead, sheltering people underneath and providing elevated views from the generated roof terrace. The plaza below the arch may be used for outdoor markets and as a band shell pavilion for concerts. the public spaces terminate with a platform which submerges into the bay creating an additional view towards the city. exhibition spaces, banquet halls and other public spaces will by placed inside the sculptural building.

Magic Mountain

Introduced to the public on 13 november 2011, 'tiger & turle - magic mountain' by hamburg-based duo heike mutter / ulrich genth is a large walkable outdoor sculpture on the heinrich hildebrand höhn in duisburg, germany. resting on the highest point of the undulating park, the rollercoaster-like structure allows visitors to walk along its elevated lanes with views of the western ruhr. Pulling from the rolling nature of the landscape, the three dimensional sculpture features a one meter-wide flight of stairs that curves and rises in expressive gestures.

Living Typography

Bird house Typography
close up of the typography
arrangement,bird house
making of the bird house in typography

W high-rises and malls popping up everywhere, the birds have been displaced. Designer Nishant Jethi came up with an idea called 'living typography', in which the entire alphabet and numbers 0-9 are recreated in hollow wooden 3D form, acting as birdhouses.
the letters can be hung outside one's abode as a nameplate or address number, or used individually, hung on tress adding a bold, graphic addition to the urban landscape.