Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dont Panic

The Painting below first caught my eye and i couldn't stop looking for the source. It is amazing to see how Alex has blended her art with the appreciators. She has answered few questions about her work. a full version comes here. When i first saw the art. i was questioning again and again. how is the girl sitting in the painting. is it photoshoped? well it is more work than that.

A well-executed, if fairly usual impressionist painting right? Wrong. The canvas is actually human skin, and the model has been encased in acrylic paint to create a '3D' take on a classic style. Taking the street show idea of painting skin and posing as a living sculpture way beyond its natural conclusion, 23-year-old Washington-based artist Alexa Meade paints people. Or as her website explains, she “perceptually compresses three dimensional space into a two dimensional plane”.

Why people?

I paint directly on people because I’m interested in exploring the tensions between being and permanence.

Do you prefer painting people you know or random hired models?

I’ve never hired or paid a model to sit for me. I really like painting strangers. It’s very intimate sitting centimeters from my models for several hours during the painting process. Conversations wander over all kinds of territory and you wind up feeling like you know something about the model, even while I’m technically disguising them.

What kind of paint do you use?

I use a special blend of 13 secret ingredients, including non-toxic acrylic paint.

Is the process in constant evolution or did you crack the case early on?

The underlying process behind flattening the image has stayed the same, but I’m constantly pushing the boundaries of my art.

Are there any other artists out there doing similar work?

I think my artwork can be seen in dialogue with Boo Ritson and Gwon Osang.


Siddhartha Joshi said...

Absolutely amazing! Love the way she has explored art and juxtaposed it with reality...

niarcane said...

it stunned me for once.