Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Rainbow House, London

“The Rain­bow House is a mag­i­cal oasis on a busy road filed with peo­ple and noise. When you step through its front door, you enter a par­al­lel uni­verse of fun, colour, move­ment and sen­su­al­ity, leav­ing the ordi­nary world far behind.

The house is a liv­ing art­work in which every cor­ner offers a unique and mag­i­cal dis­cov­ery. In the mas­ter bed­room, a cir­cu­lar bed rotates into posi­tion so you can look out any win­dow. A trap door in the floor pops open to reveal a slide that zips you down to the liv­ing room below, where an over­sized sofa cre­ates a 12 x 8 metre soft piazza for play­ing, sleep­ing and living.

These sur­pris­ing and dis­parate ele­ments unite into one com­po­si­tion around a cen­tral spi­ral stair­case. This bespoke fibre­glass and steel fab­ri­ca­tion passes through the full spec­trum of the rain­bow as it rises through the house. At each storey, its hue spreads out and influ­ences the colour of that floor, cre­at­ing a visual rhythm on a ver­ti­cal axis. Sun pours down through sky­lights at the very top of the house, drench­ing the stair­case in light and bring­ing it to life.”

The place looks such a fun.. and it

A video tour of the house is avail­able on Ab Rogers Design Website

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Siddhartha Joshi said...

Surely the place looks awesome, wakes up the kid in me :)