Monday, August 2, 2010

Inception - Movie

The trailer of the movie may give a little different impression of the movie then it is. Don't misread the movie to be any other Thriller, Matrix kind or Time Travel concept. Its one the concept not explored too much, but very lucrative and realistic. Dreams. Everyone has dreams.We all agree our link to subconscious mind is Dreams. Everyone must have had this dream where it feels so real and nightmarish. Dream so real you cant distinguish. You wnat to get up, you wnat to believe its not real but there is no way out. You have to live it to get out of it. You are the Architect. And then are Dreams which are good to be true, which you don't want to get out of. Imagine these things happening while you are asleep and whenever somebody wants to change your decisions. They use your dreams to influence your subconscious brain to alter your decisions.

Freud dedicated his major part of life in researching The Meaning of Dreams. Normally people don't understand the value, no i would say importance of Dreams on the decisions they take.

Inception, is that's why ingenious, adventure(could be scary for some) and thought provoking. what if their are extractors, who can influence us by altering our thoughts in our dreams, which we don't realize are Dreams. Is death only way out?

Suggestive movies - Damen Omen I, II, III ( horror movie without horror effects, more like living normal life with unseen horror)

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