Saturday, May 23, 2009

something about dolphins

Today we were just telling some general knowledge things about Jainism to another friend of mine who is a Jain but knows nothing. Infact she talks as if she is not and has expressions like,"ohh!!!aisa hota hai. I'll tell my mom she'll be happy, Ladki sudhar rahi hai."
At that point another friend of ours interrupted and said how hypocritical it is to actually have a religion of Jain. Well agreeing to it is a question. But yeah it went to how much evolved we our, and attaining Moksha.
At that point he mentioned, that may be dolphins are a better evolved species than us, and have chances of attaining moksha.
His point was they just swim, eat when needed, compose music(so intelligent being) and have intercourse not just to reproduce, like humans (this is what compares them to humans, other species indulge in intercourse solely for reproduction), otherwise they do nothing to hurt anybody.
On that Ankita said,"I wish i was a Dolphin."

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