Thursday, April 30, 2009


(Image from Google, finger by Nista)
May be this feeling is going to last for just couple of days. But i feel in power. I feel good and proud of myself. I know as the election mumbo-jumbo will fade so will my feeling and the first news that would talk about the embarrassing doings of the party i voted for, will dissolve my thought, "that things will change in Indian Democracy". But still i felt, i 've the power to at least influence couple of minds.

There are friends of mine who say they are not voting 'cause they haven't got the candidate they were looking forward to vote. I said, "Then vote for the next best person, you think is capable". 'cause even if you vote or not, still there will somebody who'll get elected. Then why not vote.

I'm not very emotional about the voting and campaigning. Neither I'm a politics follower. And neither i say that yeah make a difference. But in last elections i saw. That voting makes a difference. And how a new avenue came into form, i.e. climate, which effected the numbers. Everybody thought the others are going to vote, how does it matter if you don't vote and well that effected. its scorching heat out there. I'll tan. Well sure that has made a lot of difference this year.

While coming back, we met somebody who was volunteering for some political party on road side, giving information to people about their voting area. They said getting a 30% voting, on the total listed people is considered very good. And they are expecting more than that this time. But they were worried people won't come after 4 in evening, as IPL match will start. Well for those people the good thing happened, as most cable operators have stopped the signals of channels showing IPL matches. Too much to make people get out of their house. What about those who have already left on vacation.

You know Surat is famous for Eating and Holidaying.India and cricket is not separable.

The good part this year was, television, radio campaigning. Innovative Political ads, celebrities getting innovative and copying(Karan Johar copied a public awareness campaign from US this year, where you saw all the actors asking to vote). Obviously there are people in different areas sitting on roads to help you know your centers to vote. There were volunteers from Art of Living and other such groups, going door to door asking people if they have given VOTE. SMSes to know who is your area candidate and his criminal history. Seeing political party ads on orkut. Joining groups and being fans on social networking site.

That is the beginning. I think Indian Election Campaigning is going to become bigger than the US one till next elections. Till then get your VOTER ID CARD, if you haven't till now.

P.S. these days they put a line on finger. 'cause people started finding ways to erase the dot, by nailpolish remover and other chemicals for cheating.

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