Wednesday, April 8, 2009

such was the Slam Book

Every body reading this, has an obligation to answer this in the comment section... :D
It was a trend then and now, at least seen more in girls, to fill slam books when you are in 10th and thinking of changing your school or 12th for the same. I had stretched this somewhat silly trend to my college too. But then things were distilled. To be fill in my slam book became big. 'cause not everybody got a chance to do that. I did not ask everybody.
There was one more way i had devised. i circulated a book to some of my friends and asked them to write anything that they like in them. It could be anything about them. As in what they like, their dislikes, or some song they like, which describes them best. a story or something that they think is important. just expressing themselves. This turned out to be more creative, as everybody tried to do something different, then what we see in typical slam book. each derived a way to express themselves. could be drawing writing, sketching, etc.

Nick name:
Address and phone:
Date of Birth:
Birth place:
Best friends:
Zodiac Sign:
Favourite singer:
Favourite song:
I like:
I hate:
I love:
I believe:
Favourite Place:
Favourite colour:
Favourite day:
Favourite game:
Favourite Dish:
Favourite book:
Favourite hero:
Favourite heroine:
Favourite Player:
Anything you want to add:

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