Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm generally a very lazy person. a VERY lazy person. But with a little motivation to fit in my new clothes that i've bought, i get up in the morning and go for a sincere walk. come back for some desi exercise(YOGA yaar... dnt think ahead). Apart from that, i wanted to write about small curious observation, not so important kinds, while i'm at walk.
On first day, the obvious observation was regular walkers stare. their curosity of looking at me for long minutes. Trying to figure out if they have seen me somewhere(a common pheomena seen in surti's) or who is this new person here. And not to forget the very few girls that they see coming for walk(in this scenario i'm the only one) except for aunties or wives who accompany their husband. Otherwise, most of them are uncles who come for very short slow walk, chat with their friends at the park, about market, shares, business, or soemthing more interesting like whats happening in other peoples life{again a common phenoma seen in surtis(though its seen in small % everywhere)}.
Everybody who comes for the first time or sees somebody for the first time, keeps on staring the other person for long time, without the realising, they are making it very very clear. why? only they can answer. Also seeing somebody new gives them a boost to perform a little extra in walk or pranayam or exercise that they are doing. Later it fades though.
As i've chosen a scarcely populated place for walk, i don't see a lot of namuna's. But some aunties, who come to gossip about neighbours, society ladies, about their daughter-in-law, about their husbands or their mom-in-law, or some otherfamily member. if not that, then how bad the scene is, these days of youngsters. or about the satsang they attented or kitty party and what they wore and who looked best or worse.
There are kids from the jhopad patti behind who come to play. Well even they carry gadgets, i dont even own, except for a mobile phone. Also i forgot to mention some people who come for visual treat. One such person has made it his adda. Have seen him since couple of days. before he used to be out of the walking park, but now he has gathered the guts to come in and stand on the walking path. Let him be till he does not cross my path.
There are some who come for solitude. Seems they dont get the peace in the house. No big deal. All of us somewhere need that space, which even the most loved person of ours cannot give.

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