Monday, March 9, 2009

Holi haiiiiiiii

i was not really excited this year about playing holi. after having fun with friends during college days in the parking place of my apartment and at NID. Seeing people drink bhang and sleep in a dump in some corner of the campus or giving the performance of their life without stage fear, i was kind of bored even with the thought of playing holi. i was going to do that for my little sister. Untill this evening, it came to me how much i have to do this. It was giving back time. i got splashed by a water balloon while driving and that was it. i got pack of balloon and colours.
(for those who don't know we have stock of one the best holi colours that change you skin colour for atleast a week) First thing i came home was filled couple of balloons and was waiting for a bait at my balcony and one good shot at a passer by and i was in Holi mood.
so for all those who don't play holi and cant take a risk of throwing balloon on a stranger and hiding back in house, come on, get out. I know its not very inspiring speech, but worth a try.

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