Tuesday, January 13, 2009

who has the time to know about others....

hey gang...well we alwaysssssssss(with eyes rolling) had the time to know about others. The counsellors. Anyways whoever will be checking this blog, majorly would be somebody, who is aquaintained to us("us" is lot of people from Architecture college of Surat. some us, that is very distinct was SCAPLAC. You need to be more than aquaintance to know what it consists of. But for a glimpse, theres a link.
The frozen nails, hot water from terrace, the saaannnnnn ka thapad, the nice guitarist, ice cold bed, the worse rice dish, the early morning coffee and bun at the best chai stall on the stairs, the cycle ride to the sunset/sunrise point (whatever it was) and the great view of Pandav mountains from our room and believe me(again eyes rolling) theres lot to it.

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hallabol said...

the link isnt working...it says

This account has been deleted and is no longer available.

whts this??