Monday, January 5, 2009

some random conversations around me...

kirti you may at times find it annoying or stupid, but yes that's exhibition design. There's a niche i've created for myself to work. Very less people can access it and i love it that way. Another good thing about it is, as i like usually to be alone, but connected to things around. I can hear people speak aloud their rather random thoughts.
This conversation started with one of the juniors who had come back from Italy. We guys know it well, a smart gujarati, a designer in italy coming back with a lot of hand gestures and a lot of story about architecture, art, women and sex. Yeah so as the conversation grew, his classmates were laughing and asking of details and another classmate who is famous for drinking, smoking and getting high, got a little exhausted and wanted to conclude the conversation. One realsies very quickly, there are a lot of people who crave for attention here.
At times people get elluded by the attention factor. Every body wants to see themselves percieved differently. in getting others to percieve about yourself, one kind of lose the essence of being different, but themselves. And getting attention at any cost takes on their high priority list. I know for sure each one of them is a simple, nice person who knows the limits, non limits, wants to be happy and thinks in a similar manner like the next person sitting. But craving ATTENTION takes them to a different stride. I like there spontaneity and craziness at times. They too like it(some don't and have no idea of what they are doing). but otherwise, thats what gives them kick to do stuff.
Well, pardon me coming back to the topic. There were 2 conclusions drawn...the last word was "Hey!!!don't have a point of view, have orgasm" and second the guy reflected back," why should i not get physical with more than one, what paap have i done in the world, so what if i'm marrying upasana". Every one laughed and dispersed.

CHALO BACHO!!! kahani khatam paisa hajam...details public forum main nahin....

The story are as random as me!!!!!!! 1000 songs


niarcane said...

hey kiri,
the post was very spontaneous and its mostly about the random talks that happens around me. the last 2 comments are the ones that triggered me to write it.
and in between there are some of my thoughts...actually i want to put my some of my personal thoughts, but i feel this place is too public domain and i'm not ready to reveal so much of myself.

niarcane said...

i don't consider myself to have all right realisation, but there is always this question.
why is it that when people write, a little sad or society concerned stuff are always tagged to be sensitive.
this came out from a discussion i was having yesterday with one of my juniors.
and its kind of true at times that when you say concerned stuff to everybody around,and not the right people, most of them are not interested and seem to not care.

hallabol said...

i m happy that u r as oriented at the moment as i m , some company !!...look what u began with....n see where u finished:)i dont know abt the juniors...i guess u were talking abt urself in teh first place...u insisted tht i comment here..but i m glad u realise its a blog after all!