Wednesday, October 15, 2008

loving it each day more

the more i see it, the more i love it.
the more i hear of it, i know i'm falling for it.
These words should probably be for a lover,
but its for Apple inc...da... its mac all the way.

yeah the more i see the precision, the details, the presentation, the technology it seems to be more of the sought to have. Sure its something a tech savy may want to put its hands on, only when to relax and not for its creative work. But what it has done to the culture of mankind is phenomenon.
A lot of things probably has changed the culture. Windows, Concrete, gypsum blocks, robots, a chip, my laptop, blog, tide washing powder, mineral water, coffee, and many more which i'll list in another post.
But whats special about apple products is the feel which may be a king has when he sees this amazing flower, which he wants for his favourite queen. he knows its the only one in the world an
d its like, prestige, want,etc. mixed emotion to have it..... so thats mac aka apple for now.
(hahahahahahaha..courtesy:spice girls)
if you wanna be my lover, you've got to look at this,
and this,
and this,

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Nityesh said...

If you really love apple
i know you'd swear this was done on one

and I'm sure you'd love it once you look at it the way i did (please do visit the i'm a pc weblink listed above b4 checking out the link below)

October 31, 2008 4:16 AM