Friday, February 26, 2016

Design Conferences/ Art Festivals

Can you think of topics and questions to talk about in Design Conferences or Art festivals and residencies. What do you really talk about? That is when you are not with a group of known people around you.

They have already talked about there work and what they have to say about their experience. What topics can you cover?

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niarcane said...

Vinay wrote back to me

1. If they feel artists and design fraternity do contribute a solution to the issues facing our society/ country today or only potray it as they see in their works....
2.philosophies in life they feel a larger role can be played by the fraternity in the scheme of things important are different mediums in artistic expression how best to integrate them together ( eg. Photography sculpture painting collage mural etc all in one )
5.dont they ever feel that by the time the artwork is completed the aim/ purpose/ thought with which they started is perhaps diluted or they dont strongly would they scrap the art and restart all.over again or go ahead and release it ( after all one does have to earn a living)
6. How much of time is spent for personal satisfaction art and how much with commercial interest ( selling) proportiom ratio....