Thursday, April 21, 2011


I was looking for use of pots in different ways and bumped into this article which i loved it. So sharing it. hopefully we can use this, in everyday gardening or farms...

Earthen pot irrigation method

In the farms of fruits, irrigation is carried out by specialChannel (Dhoria) irrigation method type of method. As shown in the figure 11.4 an earthen pot is placed by digging a pit of the size of the pot little away from the stem of the fruit tree in the pit. There are holes in the lower part of pot. The surface around the pot is covered with the soil. Water is filled in the pot and is kept covered with the lid because, the water may not be evaported due to heat of the sun. If the pot becomes empty it is again filled by addition of water. By this method, much saving of water is done, because the roots of the shrub take only the required water. The development of the shrub is also good by this method. Thus, the water is used economically.

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