Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gaudi stool

The shape of the Gaudi Stool was created in the same way Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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at AntonĂ­ Gaudi designed the structure of his churches, by making a model of hanging chains, so letting gravity determine the strongest and most logical shape for withstanding forces.

The Gaudi-stool was part of the furnistructure project. In the Furnistructures project was researched how lightweight products can be designed. This is design by studio greene

Materials & techniques:

A thin shell made of carbon fiber deals with the compressive forces. A beam-grid substructure resists bending of the shell. The substructure was made using rapid-prototyping techniques, in order to achieve the needed complexity. The rapid-prototyped structure was then used as a mold for the carbon-fiber laminates. This combining of these two high-tech techniques decreased costs of both of them, and made them applicable in a product.

carbon-composite, polyamide. 1kg.

The project includes a series of designs for furniture.

Of these unrealized designs, the Gaudi-chair is currently being developed in cooperation with Dutch research institute TNO

via dezeen

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