Wednesday, November 5, 2008

re writing "about couples"

hmm hallabol has very much put my writing the word "tolerating" in a very correct 1920's manner. But may be i should explain "tolerating" in Y2K's manner. I agree couples remain together not thinking that they are tolerating each other. That they like each other and thats why they are spending time. It's not deletentely that one is doing it, but there are many other people whom you are not forced to be with.

The fact is that we like to be with a lot of people, but there are few that we choose to be with for longer time. Every body is full of Err, but there are few whose err you choose to overlook and not everybody elses. Why? We give a lot of name, Like, love, friendship, companionship, wavelength matching,etc. I say we choose to tolerate in a positive way, few people. In the process, overlooking major faults which we may otherwise not tolerate. We may call it Love, but that too is a feeling, a state of mind. And you would agree it changes with time, fades or positively for many remains for lifetime. So when Love fades, tolerating comes, one may take it positively or negatively.

I'll write something which i had read once and i may be contradicting myself. But i think thats a point of view which thoughtfully too holds true. And may be i've to still live up to it.

"You are holding — that may be the whole problem. You don’t trust life. Somewhere deep down there is a mistrust of life, as if, if you don’t control them, things will go wrong and that if you remain in control only then can things go right; you have to always deliberately manage things. Maybe your childhood conditioning has helped in that way. That has done much damage, because when a person starts managing everything, his life is lived at the minimum. Otherwise life is wild.
It is as wild as these clouds, and this rain and this breeze and these trees and the sky. It is wild — and you have cut your wild part out completely. You are afraid of it — that’s why you don’t open as much as you can. "

Life at times is contradiction too. We all want to live wild and free. May be its our conditioning or its just us, that we restrict ourselves from living wild. If one gets to think, restriction and living freely is both necessary. I know i'm diverting from the topic. But think about it.

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